SIM CROSSING: “Bee’s Haven” #161

Holaaa Peapoders,

<I know its been a while since i’ve done a sim crossing but it’s back and will be active again!>

    I invited a friend over to explore a new sim, new to me at least. When I arrived at the Cave entrance at Bee’s Haven, I took a moment to look around me. Infront stood a lawn with a barbeque set and a picnic table while behind me stood the entrance to this cave. Now, I am no scared-y cat, peapoders but you just do not step in caves alone. *shakes her head* No way! My friend met me here, by the picnic table. She was open and willing to explore the ENTIRE sim with me, which I thank her for. *Hugs Natsuki* We decided to pick up something from the BBQ really quick before running into some creepy cave without food in our bellies. Once we had our fill we stepped into the cave, to find out it’s a camping ground with a camp fire and sleeping bags for up to 4 people. Great for when you wanna spend time with friends, such as these. 

    We headed up a flight of stairs to the balcony at the edge of the cave where there were rocking chairs, a pile of books and a violin that Nat picked up and began to play, skillfully of course. {She played a tune from SKYRIM} ^_^ After getting our fill of music we headed to the mushroom patch, where there were a couple mushroom shaped homes, beautiful sight if I may say so. I love the way they were set up, if I could I would live there. LOL! We walked passed some shops that featured “Crazy Bee Hunts,” a group that holds bi-monthly themed hunts. Such as the upcoming “Freak meets Cutie” featured to run from October 1st to October 31st 2012. So for all you designers out there, make your way to sending in applications ;] before the 15th of September!

    I quickly became distracted by something I saw in the distance. I could not believe my eyes. The pile of rocks that were erected before me that formed a virtual “Stone Henge.” *nods* That’s right Peapoders. Now for those of you who really know me, know I’m a sucker for history and historical monuments. I can ogle over them for hours. *clears her throat* So moving on we see a meadow that leads to the Dark Side of the sim. O_O Now this was the time to panic! I hid behind Nat as she stared, the aptly named, GODZILLA! *runs screaming* \o/ Eh-hem! I mean, I stood there too peapoders, tried extra hard not to quiver, just for you guys. Rofl! 

    Turning quickly away we spoted a shed that housed a black and white, spotted horse. He was so pretty and quiet in his holding quarters, but felt bad that he could not roam free. ;[ So I gave him a good brush and headed back to Stone Henge with Nat so she could be the sacrifice to the gods. 


*Nat’s Review: “It’s actually really relaxing and a great get away from the typical SL Drama.”


-o.O Crazy Bee Hunts O.o 

Group Info: secondlife:///app/group/bf435046-17e1-b358-ba70-f7106978952c/about

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-Bee’s Haven

Group Info: secondlife:///app/group/0f6bd33b-7812-ee40-ade1-3c86f592256f/about

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-This is your girl signing off and into world. Good Night! <3