Creepy Weepy #186

Holaaa Peapoders,

It’s been a while. Hope your standing well and I am sure you can fend for you fashionable selves while I disappear from time to time. Real Life has consumed me over the past couple weeks with midterms and papers as well as visiting Real Family out of state. You know, the usual. Anyway, I am really getting into the holiday spirit virtually and reality-wise. I can assure you Second Life is never short on the holiday spirit. Before I went on my little SL-vaca, I visited quite a few Halloween themed SIMS and have been amazed at the builds that have been erected by some of our fellow SL-ers. There is one specific SIM that I fell in-love with and trust me they do not disappoint. I will respect the creator’s designs and the ‘fright factor’ by not posting any pictures of the haunted house. One thing I will say is that they feature some of the most well known scary movies of all time such as: *takes a deep breath* Paranormal Activity, The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, The Ring, The Exorcist, Dark Descent, The Grudge, Jaws!, Carrie, and Beatlejuice. *gasps for air* Now that you know that, I can assure you that you will have fun going through the maze of amzing scares and make it fast because Halloween is in 5 DAYS! So get into the spirit like I did. Thank you to [Insatiable Fashions], [Dirty.Little.Secret], and *Bliss Couture* for the Orange & Black feel I have created for the Halloween season. Lots of freebies & cheap-ies to go around so be sure to get it before it is gone! Ok enough talk, enjoy & happy shopping!


Shirt: [Insatiable Fashions] {Top} Lace {In Harvest}

Legging: [Dirty.Little.Secret] Halloween - Ladies Capri Leggings {In Black}


Skin: {.essences.} Fallulah Skin <L$70 at The Dressing Room>

Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Dolo {In French Coffee} <L$1 on MP>

Tattoo: *.JULYs.* Take Me To The Stars


Bag: *Bliss Couture* Leather Satchel <FREE GIFT>

Boots: [Dirty.Little.Secret] Halloween - MESH Knee Boots

Lip Piercing: The London Look - Cornered {On Mouth}



'Haunted House in Halloween Town' at Elizabeth Town

"Halloween Town is full of shops for all of your Halloween needs — everything from party food to costumes. Be sure to enter the interactive haunted house where you will turn from spectator to participant."


-This is your girl signing off and into world. ψ(`∇´)ψ

{Side Note: This is considered an InSideThePeaPod “SIM CROSSING” piece. Noted: Monday, January 7th at 5:34AM EST.}