Dreams #191

Holaaa Peapoders,

So apparently this Hurricane Sandy might just take out power and damage alot. I’ve been seeing the winds pick up over here in NYC and have been watching the new like crazy on updates. So far so good and I’m staying home, just in case, with RL family. Just in-case you guys are in the area of the storm, please be careful Peapoders. Anyway, I wanted to get in a post before, and IF, the power goes out and Romy Nayar’s ‘Tim’s Dreams’ have kept me entertained at least a little while. This SIM is one of the MetaLES art SIMs that you will find clustered together in SecondLife. Every time I’ve visited one of these SIMS I have never been disappointed. The creations you will find are made by people with artistic visions pushed into pixels. I hope you take some time to check out the other side of SL and what it has to offer. Check it out for yourself below as well as the styling. Thanks to -Chandelle- & {.essences.} for allowing me to put this little number together. Enjoy & Happy Shopping!


Dress: {.essences.} for My Attic - Nile Dress <Available Until the 31st> 



Hair: ::Exile:: Violette {In Swiss} <Subscribe-O Gift>


Pose: Beusy - Severe Pose <NEW RELEASE, L$15>



Shoes: -CHANDELLE- for Designer’s Circle - Shoe Cice #06 {In Purple} <New Release>



"Tim’s Dreams" at MetaLES by Romy Nayar


"Explore the latest MetaLES exhibition from artist Romy Nayar, who uses mesh to create a magical world full of fantasy with a touch of darkness for this Halloween season."



-This is your girl signing off and into world. (* - -)

{Side Note: This is considered an InSideThePeaPod “SIM CROSSING” piece. Noted: Monday, January 7th at 5:33AM EST.}