Steam Punk Meets Flower Power Hunt #212

Holaaa Peapoders, 

Oh there will be great things coming for the new year and I would like to start you lovies off with a hunt presented by SumSum Larnia {Owner of o.OCrazy Bee HuntsO.o}. It’s called "Steam Punk meets Flower Power" which will be running from January 1st through the 31st of 2013. And, as i’m sure you have already figured out, all the items will be a combination of Steampunk & FlowerPower, baby! This is not one you wanna miss Peapoders!! So below is your beloved landmark and hint list, soon there will be pictures of whats to be offered. So prepare you calendars and Happy {Upcoming} New Year. ;] Enjoy!

#1 bees heaven shop

Hunt Hint: “Some birds love honey.”

#2 Sin Original 

Hunt Hint: “Flutter on by.”

#3 Couturier Galleria

Hunt Hint: “Princess Pippa has a hidden surprise.”

#4  Les sucreries de Fairy

Hunt Hint: “Roses can be made with velvet.” <upstairs in women section>

#5 Jade’s Creations

Hunt Hint: “Gears are always hiding in the shadows.”

#6 Shadow’s Five Elements <SKIP>

#7 creatif design

Hunt Hint: “The path of the bikes.”

#8 NUTS Inc.

Hunt Hint: “It is all fantasy!”

#9 DDADesigns

Hunt Hint: “The power lies within a source of light on a dark night!”

#10 The Happy Hat 

Hunt Hint: “The Hunt Hints will say of where the gift lay.”

#11 Bayview Market

Hunt Hint: “I have the perfect hook to hang this hunt item on.”

#12 Forsaken Falls

Hunt Hint: “Steam and Flower??? Holy Moley! The writings on the wall baby. ;)”

#13 Top Katz

Hunt Hints: “Think if I plant myself I will grow?”

#14 red dahlia

Hunt Hint: “Behind the desk.”

#15 Vigilante Fashionista

Hunt Hint: “The daily prize might be worth looking at today.”

#16 Nomiki’s Creations

Hunt Hint: “Yes well sometimes you DO have to stop and smell them!”

#17 blah.BLAH.blah

Hunt Hint: “My flowers petals are what give me power…”

#18 Almost Wonderland

Hunt Hint: “Round and Round it goes, where it stops nobody knows!”

#19 .:*Connaught Empire*:.

Hunt Hint: “Find a job.”

#20 Cosmic Steam Designs

Hunt Hint: “The Steam Pirates have taken it.”

#21 [[ Masoom ]]

Hunt Hint: “Pimp your Av with something feminine.”

#22 Imagine Flowers and Garden

Hunt Hint: “This fairy loves mushrooms.”

#23 ToXiC HiGh 

Hunt Hint: “Look High and when you find me he will give you lots of bunny hugs…”

#24 USC Textures 

Hunt Hint: “Visit the Victorian flowerseller’s cart.”

#25 Brass in Pocket 

Hunt Hint: “I’m Right on Time!”


-This is your girl signing off and into world. (#゚Д゚)ヽ

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