Cosmopolitan Sale Room #213

Holaaa Peapoders,

So, you know how we all love sales and such? Guess what came across my SecondLife notices today? A discount store where no item is more than L$70! This place was created by Corina Wonder who also owns the Club at Cosmopolitan. Let me tell you that this is the first time i’ve seen a sale store with SO MANY cute items to choose from, you would think it was a store of its own. LOL! Well enough dilly-dally… to become obsessed with this new shop follow them on Facebook here → Cosmopolitan Sale Room Facebook Page!!! And be sure to check out the store yourselves BEFORE THE 30TH when the new round of clothes comes out for sale. Enjoy and Happy Shopping Peapoders. :D

Jewelry: + Divinity + for Cosmopolitan Sale Room - Hoop Earrings & Necklace

Shirt: Retro’ for Cosmopolitan Sale Room - Owl Sweater {In Red}

Shoes: - Quintessencia - for Cosmopolitan Sale Room - Jess Pumps Glow {In Red}


-This is your girl signing off and into world. ψ(`∇´)ψ