Feeling Torn #248

Holaaa Peapoders,

Happy Saturday! I apparently found myself assembling a quite colorful outfit that reminded me of a very Famous Linden. I’m sure you all know who I am talking about! ;] I visited the Fabulous Torley Linden’s Home just for this photo-shoot. Above you will see me rocking [Insatiable Fashions] & [Dirty.Little.Secret] who both have a few new items out for you guys to pick up. Don’t forget to check out {.essences.} for the new Thursday Skin release, it’s completely worth it! Enjoy though and happy shopping! <3


Top: [Insatiable Fashions] Winter Crops {In Emerald} <L$150>

Pants: [Dirty.Little.Secret] for The Wash Cart Sale - Spring Leather Leggings {In Hot Pink} <L$10>

Undershirt: NOH8 Set {In Long Sleeve Shirt Version} <No Longer Available>


Skin: {.essences.} Thursday Skin {In Sunset With Beauty Marks & Eyelashes} <NEW RELEASE>

Hair: *booN - ZP0133 Hair {In Brown} <L$280>


Hat: *LODE* Hat {In Lime} <FREE>

Headband: Xen’s Hats - Ralston Headband {In Fushia} <L$55>

Earrings: Persefona - Felt Earrings {In Green} <FREE>

Shoes: [Dirty.Little.Secret] for The Wash Cart Sale - Spring Girly Combat Boots <L$10>

SIM: Torley Island at Torley


-This is your girl, signing off and into world. <O_O>